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Beautiful Ambience of a Real Fire

Whether your sitting outside enjoying a cool summer evening, or settling on the sofa for a cold night in, there’s nothing quite like the warm cosy feeling of a real fire with your family and friends.

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Clean Burning & Odourless

The Roundfire portable tabletop fireplace is designed to work with clean burning fuels which are completly smokeless and odourless.

We recommend bioethanol or isopropanol, also known as methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol. These fuels are compeltely smoke-free and odourless, meaning the fire can be used inside without the need of ma chimney or dedicated ventilation.

These affordable fuels will only produce water vapour and carbon dioxide when burned, no toxins wilol be created.

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Quick to Light - Easy to Extinguish

Simply fill the burn chamber to 1cm from the top, cleaning up any fuel which was spilt outside the burn chamber.

A long nose lighter is hten used to ignite the fuel within the chamber, resulting in a beautiful 6 - 12 inch flame which will last over an hour.

Giving off 2000 BTU's of heat, the fire will create a cosy warm ambience, the ideal setting when meeting up with friends and family.

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The flame lasts 60+ minutes (depending on room temperature and climate). use our ceramic wool to extend the the burn time of your fire to over 50%.


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Perfect Smore's & Family Moments