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Premium Bioethanol 12 Quart


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PREMIUM GRADE: The highest grade bio ethanol available in the market today. Virtually odourless, it has a very subtle sweet undertone from the fact it is made from sugar beet plants. Perfect for all types of bioethanol fires both indoors and outdoors.

CLEAN BURNING : Smokeless, odourless and ash free, our economy bio ethanol fuel is a high purity 96% ethanol, with added denaturants as required by US law.

FIREPLACES, BURNERS, STOVES : Perfect for use with bio ethanol fireplaces, trangia burners, spirit burners and cooking stoves which use alcohol spirits as their fuel source.

PLANT BASED PRODUCT : 100% plant derived, our bio ethanol fuel produces only CO2 and water when burnt, and has a very low carbon footprint.

TRUSTED : We’ve been producing fireplace products and fuels for over many years. Buy direct from an ethanol manufacturer and save on your regular fuel requirements.

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